Medan Golf Tour - Bukit Barisan Golf
Medan Golf Tour - Bukit Barisan Golf

Bukit Barisan Golf Medan

Medan Golf Tour - Bukit Barisan Golf - Bukit Barisan has turned out to be Gem.


The forest area in which the golf course is situated will give you the feeling of being back into unspoiled to nature. The course allows you to walk and play through the wonders of this natural world.

Many par and birdie opportunities are within the reach of every player, low or high handicap, when the course is played according to the rules and the wisdom of the game.

In the golf game there is some rules and etiquette. The purpose was gave this rules, to help development of golf with the facilities, and consultation service include the information about every materials of lesson course and the aspects of player of golf. 


Medan Golf Tour - Bukit Barisan Golf

The Master Starts here on Sunday afternoon, or so they say The 10th fairway is a sweeping staircase of grass, descending 100 feet from tee to green. Those who can hook it down the golfers' left side gain extra roll. Everyone else plays along second from a hanging lie to a giant hubcap of a green.

Facilities :

  • Pro-Shop
  • Restaurant and Terrace
  • Executive Corner & Room
  • VIP Room
  • Court Music
  • Lounge Squash
  • Badminton
  • Children Range Playing
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bar Lounge & Billiard
  • Aerobics
  • Convention Hall


Medan Travel Agency

Lake Toba Travel is a medan travel agency with more than 10 years travel industry experiences and serving all over indonesia tour packages,especially Lake Toba Tour Package,North Sumatra.


We are known as travel agency medan and lake toba specialist tour who provide you medan lake toba tour package with a unique and exciting experience of the land of North Sumatra, its peoples, its cultures, and its great natural beauty!


We are commited to serving individual tourists as well as groups of any size, offering qualified and knowledgeable local guides to lead you on your medan tour package journey, all of whom have a good grasp of the English language and insight into local cultures.


We can organize a sumatra overland tour for you with jungle trekking, orangutans spotting and walking with elephants and Sumatra adventure tour. Besides Sumatra, we do organize lake toba tour package Singapore and tailor-made programs over Java, Sulawesi, Bali, Flores, and Komodo,and lake toba tour package malaysia. We offer tours all over Java, to the famous temples like the Borobudur, to Jogyakarta, Java’s cultural center, to mount Bromo and all places of interest of this fascinating island.


Besides medan lake toba tour package from Singapore described above we introduce you to the places of historical interest, architecture and culture of the country. For those people with personal memories of Indonesia and for everybody who is curious about what still can be found of Indonesia’s history.


We arrange medan lake toba tour package from kuala lumpur with special cultural and architectural tours as well as programs on colonial history. It still can be found at plantations, company buildings, and colonial houses. It is the other unknown side of Indonesia. We can tell you the story and bring you there.


We have also prepared  lake toba tour package from silangit and custom made tours for groups or individuals interested in seeing sumatera  and whole indonesia. During these past years, we have provided our customers with the best possible service to fulfill their travel needs.


Whether it be to enjoy the cool mountain climate of scenic Lake Toba, to surf the waves of Nias, to share in the cultural delights of local peoples, or to explore the jungles west of the Bukit Barisan mountains, we as medan travel agency are ready to fulfill all of your travel needs.

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